Exquisite Corps Artist Book

Printbank's Exquisite Corps artist book took home a commended award at Art On Show last night!! So thrilled to have been a part of this collaboration with the inspirational group of Printbank ladies. Copper plate etching is new for me... and I'm loving it. Here's my copper plate print that went into the artist book. Each member contributed a body divided into four parts. Thanks to Traci for sharing her copper plate knowledge with our group and putting the book together. Exhibition goes till the 21st.

Paxton's Portrait Prize WIN

I am incredibly thrilled to have come away with the Paxton's Portrait Prize, for the Open Drawing Catagory. Smiling from ear to ear!!! The feedback was lovely. It was a great night and there were incredible portrait entries. Congrats to all who participated and thank you to the judges and organizers for the wonderful night. I've been finding it challenging to get any art done these days, with four little ones to raise and enjoy, so this really was such an encouragement to me.

Grandma, the Viking

Paxton's Portrait Prize is this Thursday! 
Come on out. Exhibit opening night, Nov 2nd, 6pm, Paxton Warehouse.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing a portrait of my hubby's grandma, who recently passed away. She was such a strong lady, also nicknamed "the viking".  Her Icelandic heritage is something we found fascinating. I enjoyed all the lines, of rivers and craters, that the map of Iceland contributed to her wrinkled face. This smile was candidly captured by my hubby during her trip to Australia. It's not everyday that an 80 year old grandma does a road-trip of the Aussie coast with a car full of young people. She loved to travel and would often book a flight and disappear... Iceland, China, Mexico...

"Grandma, the Viking"
(Charcoal and Conté Stick on Map)
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