20 Reasons Why You Should Live in Ipswich!!

We have lived in Ipswich (Queensland) for two and a half years.  It's a great city. 
Here are 20 reasons why you should live here. :)

1. Almost everything grows in this climate! Gardening heaven!

2. The amazing wildlife and plant-life within the city!!

3. Canoeing at Colleges Crossing

4. Picnic or camping at Lake Wivenhoe

5. Sledding on cardboard at Joseph Brady Park!

6. The Ipswich Water Park!

7. Day trips or camping at Lake Moogerah.

 8. 300+ days of sunshine a year and probably one of the best climates in the world. Kids can play outside all year round!

9. The gorgeous drive to Cunninghams Gap!

 10. Evening jogging or walking along the River Heart Parklands. Catching a great Ipswich Sunset.

11. ART! Ipswich has great festivals and community events; such as: The Knot Fibre Festival, Art Beat Festival, kids events/exhibits at the Ipswich Art Gallery and art openings at places like the Community Gallery, The Cactus Espresso Bar, Art Time Supplies and the Ipswich Art Awards.

12. Visiting the Woodend Nature Centre just before dusk to watch all the flying foxes/bats rise together in one large spinning cloud.

13. Getting up close and cuddling animals at the free zoo at Queens Park or visiting Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary just outside of Ipswich.

14. Driving to Queen Mary Falls.

 15. White Rock sunrise hike. Start in the morning darkness to catch the first rays of light at the peak.  Be sure to bring some breakfast to share on the top!

 16. Camping at the Gorge for only $4 per night!

17. An incredible amount of awesome old Queenslander style homes and buildings.

18. Hiking at Mt. Tamborine. 

19. You don't have to drive far out of the city to get some epic night skies!

20. Great food and coffee/tea. There was a newspaper article saying the best coffee in Brisbane is actually in Ipswich. Local produce to be found at markets and served in meals at local restaurants/cafes. Some of the great cafes would be: Smith, Cactus Espresso Bar, Urban Pantry, Rafter & Rose and many more.

If you have places/things that make Ipswich and the surrounding area great for you please jot down a comment below. :)
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