Toddler Learning Activities

Ideas for Learning through play!!

 1. Construction with recycled objects.

2. Matching Puzzles. 
(Photograph blocks or letters and get kids to find the match)

 3. Find the Shape!

4. Toilet paper roll ball track.

5. Massive ball track.

6. Book for collecting found tresaures.

7. Construction with cardboard and tape.

8. Coloured Rice Play. 
(Add a few drops of food colour to dry rice and one spoon of vinegar. Let each colour of rice dry on tray a tray. Once dry let kids mix and play)

9. Coloured soap foam play.
(In a blender add 2 tbsp dish soap, 1/4 cup water and food colouring. Blend for 1 to 2 minutes)

 10. Puddle Jumping.

11. Building a home for bugs!
(The kids collected dirt, leaves, rocks etc. to make the bug's home)

12. Decorating cardboard figures.

13. Flour and herbs sensory play.

14. Clover tub sensory play.

15. Blowing bubbles.

16. Sorting shells and rocks.

17. Learning colours by having a green day, yellow day etc.

18. Sensory box & learning to cut.
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