Solo Exhibiton - Taste & See

My Taste & See Solo Exhibiton will open tongiht!! 
So excited!!

The auction will begin at 6pm and close at 8pm. Some prints will also be available.

If you are curious as to how the lino cut prints are made here's a shot to show you. First you carve the lino. Next you roll on the ink. Finally you print it onto your surface, wood is quite a challenge but fun.


Rachel Nolan, of Cactus, for providing the space and great food. So appreciated!!

Kate Den Otter for all her help. She's been amazing looking after my kids and assisting me with her lino cut printing skills and knowledge and helping me hang the works.

My lovely friends,Marcie, Aly, Amy, Janelle, Allison & Soph, who have babysat my kids so I could have some uninterrupted time to do art.

Tony for the use of his belt sander.

Jess for the stash of frames she passed along to me.

Tangible Media for the prints.

Neil for being an awesome dad, looking after the kids and making dinners when I was busy.

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